About Me

Hi, my name’s Aaron Powell and I’m a Cloud Developer Advocate (CDA) at Microsoft. My area of specialty is front-end web development, focusing on architecture around SPA and other UI-heavy web applications.

I’m also a passionate Open Source developer, with one of my main pet projects being Chauffeur an automation tool for the Umbraco CMS.

I do quite a bit of community work and public speaking, you’ll often find me at user groups in Sydney such as ALT.NET Sydney, presenting at conferences (see below for my upcoming speaking engagements) or organising the DDD Sydney conference.

Contact Me

I’m happy for people to reach out and contact me, whether it’s for advice on getting into public speaking (or other career advice), to help review abstracts for conferences, provide peer-review of blogs/content you’re producing or to speak at an event. You can contact me via: