Umbraco Interaction Layer - RC1

Friday, Dec 5, 2008 2 minute read Tags: Umbraco.InteractionLayer umbraco
Hey, thanks for the interest in this post, but just letting you know that it is over 3 years old, so the content in here may not be accurate.

Well I've gone and beaten the Umbraco guys to RC1, although I'm sure v4 RC1 is just around the corner.

But, none the less I'm happy to have RC1 of the UIL ready for download. There's actually very little changed between Beta 1 and RC1. There's a little bit of a code clean up, and I've addressed a bug which was found by a colleague of mine. She found that if you didn't generate all the Doc Types an exception was thrown if you'd omitted a Doc Type which was a child relation of anyother.

Something which I had initially planned to do was produce an Umbraco package for the UIL so it was easier to install into Umbraco. I have now decided against doing so.
This isn't really because I'm just too lazy to get around to it, I do actually have a good reason for this.

The idea of an Umbraco package is it is something which should always be apart of the Umbraco site. The UIL is not designed for that. The UIL is only meant to be on the development version, and only for a short period of time.
It's the same reason you wouldn't have a DBML file on a production site, nor would you have a C# file.
The UIL isn't meant to be installable by knowledgable end-users. It's a developer tool and adding it should require someone who's smarter than the average bear.

So although it's not a lot of changes in the code base there is actually a change in the project format, the project is now completely open source! That's right, you can now find the UIL on CodePlex :D.

So you can easily check out the mess which is my source code, in all its spaghetti glory!
Yes, at the moment there is no real comments (I'm a stickler for commented code as anyone I work with will atest to).
Yes, there is a demo application in there so you can see one I prepared earlier ;).

You will find the download links on the CodePlex project.

Happy Hacking!