Are you Doin' Nothin'?

Friday, Feb 18, 2011 1 minute read Tags: ruby web

I've been interested in what the impact low performing computers have on the overall efficiency of my daily output.

To this end I decided to put together a little website which you can monitor this with, and this site is Doin’ Nothin’.

This little site basically runs a JavaScript app on the front end which will then track each time you start and stop the timer.

There is also a sign-up aspect to the site, if you are like me and want to see the long-term impact then you can register and save your sessions, and later review them. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to add some features to this such as graphing the data and better session management. These are cool ideas, but I can't be sure as to if I'll get them done :P.

So go on, check it out, have a play :).