Learn GraphQL at NDC Melbourne

Monday, May 2, 2022 2 minute read Tags: graphql public-speaking

Is GraphQL something that’s been on your backlog to learn? Well, there’s no better time than the present to get to it because as part of NDC Melbourne in June this year I’ll be running a two-day workshop to take you from zero to hero with GraphQL.

My sales pitch to you

So, what are you going to learn over the two days?

First off, we’ll look at just what GraphQL is and why it’s something worth exploring for your applications. I won’t sugarcoat it, GraphQL won’t be right for everything, so it’s best that we know just when to use it, rather than blindly following technology trends.

But then it’s hand-on coding, we’re going to be building a GraphQL server and connecting it to a database (I’ll be using TypeScript, but there’ll be provisions if you want to use .NET or any other language). We’ll look at the terminology and components that come together to make a GraphQL server tick. Once our server is ready we’ll look at how you consume GraphQL at a client, after all, an API is only as useful as the client that consumes it.

For the final part of the workshop we’ll explore how to take our sample application to production, exploring topics like security, API access controls, CI/CD, how we avoid creating our own DDoS servers using GraphQL and how to add GraphQL support to existing APIs without having to rewrite them from scratch.

Should you attend

Well, I’m pretty biased on this so the answer is of course yes!

Personal biases aside, GraphQL is a very relevant technology and there’s many applications that it’s better suited for than traditional REST APIs, so if you’re looking to explore it, grab a ticket and come learn the in’s and out’s with me.