Cleaning up promises with yield

Previously we looked at cleaning up callback hell with thunks and generators, but in this post we'll look at the next approach to managing callbacks, Promises, and how we could clean that up with generators.
January 2014 · 5 minute read
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Cleaning up callbacks with yield

We'll continue our exploration into the new `yield` and have a look at how it can be used to avoid the so-called callback hell which can plague JavaScript applications.
January 2014 · 7 minute read
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Functions that yield multiple times

Generator functions in ES6 don't have to just do a single `yield`, they can `yield` multiple times, but when doing so how do you execute those functions?
January 2014 · 9 minute read
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LINQ in JavaScript, ES6 style

It's been a few years since I last blogged about the concept of LINQ in JavaScript as a lot has changed in the JavaScript landscape. So let's revisit the idea of it with a look at how you could leverage LINQ in JavaScript for ES6.
September 2013 · 8 minute read
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