A Home Hackers Guide to IoT

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A Home Hackers Guide to IoT


You’ve bought a Raspberry Pi and made some lights blink, yay, IoT done! But where do we go next? This is the position I found myself in recently but decided that rather than relegating the device to a shelf I’d try and make a real project, a project to monitor the power generation from my solar panels inverter.

Armed with the knowledge of how to scrape the data I decided to set about creating an IoT project that would allow me to pull the data out of my inverter, store it for reporting and answer questions like “How can I compare my power generation today to yesterday or last week?”, “If I was able to build up enough data over time what insights could I get into my energy usage patterns?” or “Are there other interesting things I can determine by looking at this data?”.

So come on a journey as we look at how to create an application to run on an IoT device, push it to the cloud and leverage an eventing model to process our data. We’ll explore everything from local development to CI/CD and turn you into an IoT hacker.

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Home hackers
  • IoT solution implementers


I wanted to get started with learning IoT but was unsure where to start. Conveniently I recently installed solar panels at home and they have a wifi endpoint in them.

So what can we do with a Raspberry Pi, wifi solar system and the cloud?

This talk grew out of a 9-part blog series I wrote and has been presented at a number of user groups around Australia and internally at Microsoft.

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