DevOps for IoT

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DevOps for IoT


Whether you’re a home hobbyist or running a connected vehicle fleet, getting your code onto IoT devices can be a test. Do you go down the route of sneakernet and run flashed memory cards around everywhere or do you look for something a little more automated?

Come with me as we take a look into how we can apply a DevOps approach to deployment with IoT devices. I’ll be using my experience in building my own home automation platform and monitoring tools, and how I automated it so a git push results in a deployment to a device.

Starting from a ‘git push’ we’ll look at the steps involved in automated builds for IoT devices through to automating the deployment of updates onto the device itself.

Duration: 30 minutes

Audience Profile

  • IoT solution implementers
  • Home hackers


This talk has grown out of a blog series I did around a home hobbiest IoT project where I wanted to ensure that the approach I was taking to deploying the IoT solution was in line with how I would do any other software project.

This is a subset of a larger talk, Home Grown IoT, that focuses just on the CI/CD aspect of an IoT project.

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