Get Your JAM On


You are embarking on a new project and have decided to go full Serverless and try out that JAMStack. After all, our application is a web front end and some API’s, so Serverless is the perfect model for us.

But how do we design this solution, tackle local development and most importantly deploy this to the cloud? We want to have a DevOps pipeline, so we’ll give GitHub Actions a go. Then we’re going to need somewhere to run the API, hosting for the static site, domain, SSL, routing and oh my it’s becoming complex!

Don’t fear, we’ll go through the steps together, see that we can setup a local dev environment, configure a deployment pipeline so we can deploy with the simplicity of a git push (but not straight to master!) and get you JAM’ing in no time!

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • People building a full Serverless stack
  • People doing JAMStack
  • People curious about JAMStack
  • Web developers


This is a demo-heavy talk where we’ll mostly spend time building a web application in VS Code before hooking it up with GitHub Actions and Azure. For the demo app, it can be done with React, Angular, Vue or with a static site generator like Gatsby or VuePress, depending on what will fit the audience.

I’ll be drawing on my experience from how we have run the DDD Sydney stack and my own personal website.

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