Getting SAFE with F#

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Getting SAFE with F#


Being able to ‘write once, run everywhere’ is the dream of many platforms and the F# SAFE stack is one step closer to making that a reality for application developers.

Starting with FAKE as a DSL for creating build scripts, moving into Saturn as an MVC application layer and a UI with Fable in the browser, the possibility of F# all the way down is a reality.

In a former life, Aaron was a Front-End Web Dev MVP and has a passion for the browser.

We’ll explore what it’s like to create a real work application with F#, starting by building a codebase before moving into a CI/CD pipeline using Azure Pipelines. We’ll then deploy it as an API to an Azure AppService and finally create a Single Page Application running as a static site. By the end of this talk, you’ll see that an end to end full stack F# is truly a reality!

Duration: 45 mintues

Audience Profile

  • .NET Devs
  • F# devs
  • Web devs


This is similar to the talk of the same name, but presented solo and without the mobile component.

We’ll be covering Fable (, Saturn (, SAFE (, FAKE ( and several Azure services (Pipelines, Storage and AppServices).

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