Go... ing with WebAssembly

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Go... ing with WebAssembly


WebAssembly allows us to use statically compiled languages to build components that we can run within a browser and supplement the JavaScript application that we build.

With Go 1.11 experimental support for creating WebAssembly binaries were introduced, meaning that we are about to write applications in Go and do code-sharing between the server and the client.

But what does it look like in practice for us to create a web application that uses Go in it? How does it interact with JavaScript and the DOM? How do we integrate it with the development tools that a web developer is most familiar with?

Throughout this talk, we’ll learn about what WebAssembly is, how to use Go to create WebAssembly binaries and how to bring it all together in with a web developers toolchain.

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Web Developers
  • Golang Developers


I’ve delivered this talk at golang-syd and Sydney Front End Developers user groups to very positive feedback around the technical depth of the session.

It originally grew out of a 6-part blog series on my journey to learning Golang and WebAssembly.

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