GraphQL Is Just APIs for Hipsters, Right?

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GraphQL Is Just APIs for Hipsters, Right?


GraphQL, the API approach that’s going to change the world… or at least, that’s what those who advocate for it say. But is it just because it’s “new and shiny” that people are so excited by it, or is there something more that makes GraphQL worth investing time in as you build your APIs?

I was a skeptic but now I’m an advocate for using GraphQL in building your apps, so what made me change my opinion of this technology?

Come on a journey where we’ll look at what GraphQL is, why it’s an interesting and relevant technology in building applications. We’ll do a compare and contrast with REST, discuss the pros and cons that GraphQL represents and see how we can uplift existing APIs to be GraphQL without having to rewrite our entire codebase.

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Web devs
  • Backend devs
  • People exploring GraphQL


This is part of the journey I’ve been taking to learn more about GraphQL and how it can be a useful tool when building applications, leveraging the insights from the workshops I’ve done, and the blog series about GraphQL on Azure

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