Serverless DevOps

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Serverless DevOps


Serverless components can sometimes feel a little cavalier in their creation, a single script file and little-to-no dependencies, so it can be quite tempting to just deploy them through a “right click -> publish” model.

But we know we shouldn’t do it that way, we know we should apply a proper DevOps model with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

So let’s take GitHub Actions for a spin to look at just how simply we can add CI/CD to our repository and get our components deployed into the cloud. We’ll have a look at how we can do things like release promotion across environments, securely manage the credentials our app needs to ensure we are doing safe, secure and repeatable deployments.

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • People experienced in Serverless
  • People wanting to improve automation


While the talk covers off how to use GitHub Actions for CI/CD and Azure as the deployment target, the concepts will be described in a generalised fashion so that you could swap out the products for others that a person is using.

We’ll also look at some advanced patterns with automation like promoting across environment through approval.

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