Unleash the Power of VS Code

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Unleash the Power of VS Code


VS Code is hot, there’s no doubt about it being an utterly amazing editor, but I ask you, are you using it to its full potential? Let’s go on a journey together and look to unlock the real power that you can get out of VS Code. Whether it’s with shortcuts or extensions, environment standardisation and remote development, collaboration to integrations, there’s so many things to uncover that can take you from a user to a pro in no time.

This session will leave you itching to get back into your editor and code up a storm on that next piece of work.

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • People new to VS Code
  • People experienced with VS Code
  • Remote developers


This will be a primarily hands-on, demo-heavy talk as we look at all the things you can do with VS Code. It doesn’t need to be specific to a single platform/language but depending on the audience it will be tailored to best suite them with the extensions that are covered.

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